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Those who can, do… those who can’t… plan!

This month has been driving me up the wall! I mean, it’s nice and all, seeing friends and family and having many lovely meals out and about. Trouble is, around doing all of this I have found nearly zero hours to actually sit and sew things. I know what you’re thinking… first world problems… and… Continue reading Those who can, do… those who can’t… plan!

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Jeans making… and more knitwear

It was actually over the summer that I made these jeans. And I really wondered whether to show you guys or not because of the mixed success I had with them. On one hand, I made wearable jeans people!! Waaaaaaaaa!! on the other hand, they ain’t the greatest… ah crap! Anyway I maybe should Just… Continue reading Jeans making… and more knitwear


‘‘Tis the season for some knitwear

You know what you haven’t seen on here in a while? Knitting! I think the last knitting I shared was for my little niece back at the beginning of the year! This doesn’t mean I haven’t Knit anything since… I’ve just not managed to finish much… oops. I think I’ve got three pairs of socks,… Continue reading ‘‘Tis the season for some knitwear