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Sweatpants Avoidance Society

I might be sitting here right now with no make up on, having barely brushed my hair… but I am dressed!! Seriously though, is anyone else getting really sick of sweatpants?!!

I think at the moment the best we can all do is whatever it takes to keep us sane through all of this, and I have spent the last month doing just that. I spent the first few weeks of the lockdown in the house wearing my usual weekend clothes, which, when I’m not out and about are usually sweatpants and a slouchy tee… usually with a quite raggy but comfy cardigan thrown over it. Over the last two weeks though, I have found myself needing to get dressed… I mean properly dressed! This always means outdoor clothes, and often means I do my hair (getting the straighteners out so I don’t actually look like a swamp witch), and has once or twice meant I have put make up on!

It has helped me people, and I mean helped no end to feel just that little bit more normal… more myself. It also helped that after the two weeks holiday I had right at the beginning of the lockdown, I have been able to go back to working… from home… but working. That means routine… it also means Zoom meetings… which are not happening with my bed head… I could give someone a heart attack from fright!

But I like getting dressed up, and I am missing it at the moment. I actually found a 2m piece of viscose twill in my stash yesterday in the most luscious pine green. I immediately thought it would make an amazing summer dress, then felt really sad when I realised I wouldn’t have anywhere to wear it this summer (my house is quite chilly even on the hottest summer days so I wouldn’t wear a dress at home at the best of times). So I have decided it will make several beautiful tops instead – I’m looking at you Fibre Mood Norma blouse!! The dresses can wait until next year.

Speaking of years, it is also getting to that time of year again, the time of the daily selfie and wearing all of the things I have made… yes it will soon be Me Made May again!

I’ve done this now for about four years. It began as a challenge for me to incorporate my very few makes into a daily wardrobe. Which is difficult when you first begin sewing and haven’t quite found your style – well it was for me anyway. It then evolved into me being able to wear entirely handmade outfits on some days… so where to next?


This year MMMay will be interesting for just about everyone. I have seen a lot of people wondering how much it will work because they are essentially wearing leggings/sweatpants… general lounge-wear. I guess it depends on how much lounge-wear you have made.

For me this year, MMMay will be all about getting dressed up! I don’t mean in fancy ball gowns or anything… but maybe something other than just jeans and a tee shirt! I have lots of really beautiful clothes which I am just ignoring at the moment… and I really like getting dressed up, doing my hair nice and putting make up on!

So my pledge for Me Made May 2020 will be to wear my clothes just as I would if I was leaving the house for something other than walking the dog! I will (try to) document these each day… but I will not kick myself if I don’t.

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