Tabor… with stars on it!

I seem to have an issue with Sew House Seven patterns… they put up a picture of a new release and I’m obsessed with making it immediately… and I must say, to the detriment of the rest of my sewing que! This happened with the Toaster sweaters, and it has struck again with Tabor!!

I mean, just look at it!! I’ve never had any success with v necks yet but I absolutely love that chunky, almost kimono neckline. I also love the variations that are possible, short sleeves, long, cuffs, split hems, cropped… it just goes on! I’ve had a hankering for a cropped jumper/tee type thing for a while and decided this was the thing for me. So it obviously jumped the que, but not with the fabric I was expecting to use.

I had decided on a grey marl knit… but when it came to it I just didn’t like the combination. Then I remembered a fabric I had bought in Fabricland last year. A lightweight jersey but not a French terry, lovely and soft and fuzzy with little stars all over it. This gem has sat in my stash for a while as I wasn’t sure which pattern would suit the stars… well this, it seems, is it!

My concern about the fabric was just how busy it is with those stars… it’s quirky, but how can I make it not look like a novelty item. I made up the Tabor kind of combining different versions (as sewing allows you to do), the cropped length with the wide neckband and (gasp!) 3/4 length sleeves.  Wanted the sleeves, but the stars make long sleeves look just a little too busy. And I do like 3/4 length! So I just cropped the longer sleeves! Simple!

I made no adjustments to the length and it sits perfectly just on my hip bones. More cropped than I would normally wear with skinny jeans, but it’s nice and loose fitting which is very forgiving.

All of the versions have these lovely relaxed dropped shoulders, which give the body it’s shape. Really easy to sew…. and I mean reeeeeeeeallly easy! To get the length right on the sleeves I cut them about an inch under the ‘adjust here’ line and just folded under the hem and zig zag stitched it. It might have looked more polished with a twin needle but I just didn’t have the inclination. Plus the pattern hides the zig zags so you would have to look very closely to find them.

This fabric really is lovely, it feels smooshy (yes that’s an official word… though mostly employed to describe yarn) and slightly fuzzy. I am worried about is pilling but we shall see how it goes… if the worst comes to the worst I do have a Gleaner (google it… essential fabric care tool right there). I did like that it kind of has a grain running down where the fabric pattern repeats. This meant I could be very careful about lining up the pattern peices to get the stretch going in the right direction.

That neckline is the crowning piece though! Mind you I did struggle to make it. The pattern instructions are ok, but it says to sew down one side wit a pin marking the front centre… then pivot and sew the other side. I’m not going to lie to you, I sat there just saying ‘Pivot?!’ For longer than I care to admit! It’s actually pretty straight forward but my little brain just couldn’t grasp it for a while. It was starting to feel like that Friends episode… you know which one I mean!

But if you follow (understand) the instructions it comes out just beautifully. I did shirk off and not put fusible interacting where they said I should, and I can tell! So next time I will, and I would urge all of you to do the same…. you heard it here first folks!

I really do love the way that v neck works at the front.what you don’t see on the pattern is that it is basically a little crossover… check it out…

I mean, you could hand stitch that down if you wanted to… but why would you want to?! I keep asking myself whether I would even make one with the narrow neckband. I’d like to think I would… but I’ve a feeling you’re going to have to pry this neckband out of my cold dead hands!

I mean, there’s really not much more to say about the patter… apart from the fact that I’m definitely making more of these! So how about we just have some starred Tabor spam?

Right, that’s your lot… go and make a cup of tea!


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