The return of the Fringe dress

I have a question for you…. Why can’t I ever stop at one?

I mean, the answer’s pretty obvious if it concerns an awesome sewing pattern. And I seem to be making a habit out of wanting a second or third or even more… straight away… if not sooner. This happened with the Melilot shirt (yeah… have another few planned), and it turns out the Fringe Dress is another of those patterns.

I made the version with the buttons as a test to see how much I liked the pattern. And as soon as I had put it on, even before I had hemmed it, I already had a plan in mind for a second version…. and now I also have the workings in my mind for a third…. Serously I can’t be stopped!! 

So for Fringe II (of course the very popular pattern from Chalk & Notch) I made the keyhole neckline… does it count as a keyhole? Maybe v neck? Or are these unimportant questions that I shouldn’t be boring you with… ok I apologise, let’s move on.

This is an absolutely delicious viscose that I bought on eBay a while ago, with a summer dress in mind. I loved the African leaf print, and when it arrived I really lucked out with the quality of the material too. Following the first Fringe dress I made I knew this would be a perfect match! 

I did stick with the shorter cuff sleeves, because I love the shape of them! And also still put the longer 10&2 (think steering wheel hand placemeant) tie waist band on too, because if it ain’t broke!

I even managed to gather the waist because of how lovely and floaty this viscose is.

I love the neckline on this, and to be honest this is the most fiddley part of the whole thing… Not the shape itself, folding and ironing the facing down so it can be stitched in place… That was a right bugger! But I think worth it, because the inside is just so neat and tidy!

I again stuck with the slightly longer skirt… I love the swooshy volume of that extra little bit!

Ok enough swooshing.

So that’s about it for my second Fringe Dress… stay tuned for the inevitable third… fourth…. fifth….. sixth… well, you never know!!

Butt picture to finish with… ha ha ha!


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