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Me Made May roundup

I haven’t bothered blogging about me Made May each week. I honestly don’t think I’ve engaged with it in quite the same way that I have in previous years. But I did quite enjoy being a little bit more thoughtful about what I was wearing each day. And maybe I’ve noticed that I’m developing quite a distinct ‘style’ rather than just a mis match of clothes. Maybe that made it easier and therefore not worthrabbiting on about.

Anyway, enough rabbiting on about it. You want to see the photos don’t you?

I love how you can see the weather changing in these outfits… we have had a remarkably warm May, but it didn’t start that way. So it’s jumpers cardigans and socks in the first lot of pictures…

Ha ha… moving into t shirts, light jackets (with no cardigans….. gasp!!), and cardigans as jackets!

And a sneaky unblogged dress in there too!

So my reflections on Me Made May? I definitely like grey clothes (ha ha ha ha…. no…. seriously…. stop buying grey fabric!). I have more easily made outfits, no scratting around to find something that will go with that flowery top. I have also, like I mentioned above, developed a sense of what shapes, fabrics and styles I like to wear, and what (hopefully) suits me.

There were a few days that I wore handmades but couldn’t muster the energy to take a photo. But I like to document the outfits I wear, it gives me a chance to look at how I feel in it, and how I could improve on it.

And of course… I want to make my own ‘bottoms’ so I don’t have to stick to wearing the same 5 pairs of trousers. So I might look into some skirts, culottes, trousers for some upcoming makes.

That’s all for now. See you again next year for MMMay19!!


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