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An Ogden story

I have jumped onto the Ogden Cami bandwagon… and it feels like an exciting bandwagon to be on! The Ogden is of course the wonderful little Cami with spaghetti straps from True Bias. I think it’s been the simple flattering shape, and the professional finish that’s made it so popular… oh and the fact you can squeeze one out of very little fabric!

Now I’m not one to wear a top with straps like this as a standalone top, but I can really see the layering potential for this… plus who doesn’t want the perfect pattern to use up all of those odds and ends scraps!!

I decided to jump straight in and make it up with some scraps from a skirt I made around a year ago (yeah I horde odds and ends!) using my bust measurements as a sizing guide. Because, let’s face it that’s the only place this fits due to the flared pattern!

This fabric is a polyester with a kind of waffle weave. And I’m not convinced by the fit! While it’s a perfectly wearable top, it just doesn’t feel as good as I was hoping it would.

Firstly, that back is very poofy… technical terminology there. It looks fine when it’s tucked in… and this probably has more to do with the fact the fabric is more stiff than drapey.

And again, the front stands out an awful lot, mostly when I stand with my back straight… so most of the time. But again, more to do with the fabric than the pattern.

I definitely don’t like how low the back is… or rather, the fact that you can see my bra straps at either side. Now I have already shortened the straps by a good inch because I have a bit of a small body. I’m not sure whether I need to adjust the v here or whether… which I suspect is more the answer… I need to go down a size or two… why do I think this?

It’s also very baggy around the armholes. So could it be that simple? Have I just made a size too big? Do I need a better fabric for it?

I think the more I look at it the more I think it’s all of the above! I maybe need to be more discerning about the scraps that I do use… and most definitely go down a size!!

I really love the inventive way that the lining goes in and the straps are attached!! True Bias really are a good pattern company… just putting that out there as it sounds like I’m really slating the pattern. I’m not, it’s just this version isn’t one of my best makes and I’m very critical when it comes to makes… 

But i still reckon I can get a lot of wear out of this one… but will I choose to pull it out of the wardrobe at all? Well… I’ve no idea so I guess you have even less. But yes… of course I will be making this pattern again!!


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