The shirt of happiness

I think I’ve caught the shirtmaking bug! After finishing my first one I can’t seem to get enough of them. This one though, feels special. This is one of those perfect pattern and fabric combinations, blended with brilliant fitting it makes me happy when I’m wearing it… therefore the shirt of happiness.

The pattern is… of course… the Deer and Doe Melilot shirt. I maybe will have to try a different pattern at some point or you may get bored of seeing them. The fabric you can see in the background was a gem of a find on eBay. It’s a poly viscose which is a medium weight and has a surprisingly good drape. It was a bit of a frayer, but treating it gingerly helped with that, and of course making sure to finish the seams properly.

Anyway, do you want to see the shirt?

As you can see I made the long sleeved version. I did plan on making it with the short cap sleeves, but when I attached one sleeve it just didn’t look right. So I painstakingly unpicked that sleeve, very carefully because of the weave of the fabric, and set about adding the long sleeves.

The fabric is a good weight, it’s thick enough that it will work in winter, but thin enough that it can be worn in summer… but at the moment I’m wearing it mostly like this…

Oh come on woman… it’s the shirt of happiness…. look happy!!

I really wish the Melilot had a mid-sleeve option. I’m really liking this for the warm-but-not northern England weather. On the topic of the sleeves, look what I managed…

If you remember my only fitting issue with the shirt had been the sleeve length. I can’t stand having my wrists exposed on what should be a long sleeve! I fixed this by adding about 1.5″ to the sleeve at the entendy line thing on the pattern (some very technical terminology there).

This is a nice comfortable length for me so I’m going to stick with it for any future versions. Oh and one little detail I added, just to make me happy… shall we take a closer look?

I sewed a little arrow into the button…. squeeeee!! Not many people will probably notice it when I’m wearing it, but if you can do it then why not?! Also…. sleeve placket love!

One thing I did manage to do on the sleeves that I’m not as amused about…. the button holes are the wrong way round…. grrrr. Well, it’s not the end of the world now is it?

And can we hear it for pattern matching on the front?! I’m so proud of this. It took a while when I was cutting out, and I couldn’t get it to match vertically  because of the button band… but that’s some horizontal pattern matching to be proud of. It gave me an awesome arrow on the shoulders too, though that was a happy accident…

But it continued… sort of… around the back too.

Ooh I do love the curve on that hem… it’s bias bound of course, just clearing that up before we go any further… honestly, I’m keeping bias binding makers in business!

I cut the pockets on the bias, of course, it is a checked shirt after all. The way they are made means the pockets are a little bulky, but it did mean that I could line them on the grain to stabilise them a little bit. I couldn’t decide what part of the check I wanted on the pockets so decided to not make them match… for a bit of variety.

The buttons were a good find from Hobbycraft. They have little streaks of white in them so they aren’t just boring old grey ones…. I couldn’t find the purple colour in button form… or I would totally have had purple buttons! I still started them just below the collar stand, I’m never going to fasten it right up to my neck so don’t see the point of trying to fit one onto the stand… so I shan’t!

Well it’s been quite a photo heavy post…but can you blame me…. I’m just so freakin smug with this shirt.

Sorry, I’ll leave you alone now…. yeah… not sorry!


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