Big ass trousers

This is a story about culottes… a pair I made a while ago… that I had photographed a while ago… but that I’ve been delaying blogging about. I’m not sure why, but here I am to share them. I had also made a top to go with them so thought I’d share that here too.

So firstly.. the patterns. For the top I used. New Look 6459 which came with Sew magazine…

I made version b… oh and by the way I love that they thought they could fob us off with two pictures of version b when it’s exactly the same thing but with a bit of edging around the neck…  and two version c’s which are just different colours… I mean what the very… sorry, rant over.

I made it in a lovely stretch cotton sateen in, unusually for me, green!

Ok, but there are green flowers on it! It was a simple top to make, but the bottom flared out quite dramatically, I wanted a more up and down sort of shape to I took it in a bit from the bust down.

There is meant to be separate neck and sleeve facings, and while I did use the neck facings as it gave a better finish around the zip, I couldnt be bothered to do it around the sleeves too. And while the bias binding (big surprise there) probably didn’t make the shape so pronounced, it is still pretty good.

The top was intentionally quite cropped, which meant cutting off around 2.5″ from the hem! I don’t usually wear cropped tops like this but I knew the culotte part of the outfit was going to have a high waistband, which is also quite unusual for me.

Anyway onwards to the culottes… for these I used Vogue 9091. I had seen someone else use this pattern and loved how dramatic the look was. 

I again used version b, and made them in the same viscose fabric I made the Fringe dress from… which of course meant black dye getting everywhere.

It of course also means that they were very difficult to photograph! 

I made the size 12, which is my usual bottoms size in RTW clothes. I figured that I didn’t need to worry too much about the fit other that around the waist… with them being so mahoosive and all.

The fit was actually surprisingly good! They even fit snugly around my sway back, which is quite rare to find. And Joy of joys! This pattern comes with pockets!!

They are quite usual in the way they are constructed, there are pleats in each leg, but it’s like it’s one giant box pleat that meets in the centre front seam. While this gives the culottes awesome volume, I’m not sure about the creasing pattern that is caused by this… which I think it the politest way I can say that…

It’s not the most flattering is it? Maybe that’s what’s caused the delay in blogging them. I’m just not convinced by those creases! Maybe if they were made in a crepe which doesn’t crease easily they might be better.

Does this mean I won’t wear these again? I’m really not sure. I might, I felt great wearing them that night, it’s just after taking these photos that I noticed how obvious it was. It’s frustrating when something like that happens… especially after spending the time making them.

But the joy of the giant trousers has definitely sparked a need for more culottes in my life… especially over summer!!


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