Fringe dress

One of patterns I chose for my ‘make nine’  this year was the Fringe Dress by Chalk and Notch. I’ve loved this pattern since it was released, and other people’s versions really haven’t been helping that obsession (seriously, they’ve been beautiful). I figured it would make a lovely LBD… casual but fancy. So here is my version…

Not sure what I was looking at… I kind of look like I’m praying… or I spotted a spider.

 I made up the version A in a size 4. This is straight from the packet with the pattern pieces cut as you find them. I figued the loose fit would be forgiving. The only adjustment was adding 2″ to the hem to make it a little more work friendly. Oh and there was that other big adjustment that I made… which you can’t even see because… we’ll… black fabric doesn’t photograph easily.

Can you spot it? No? Ok I’ll just tell you… rather than gathering the skirt I pleated it under the tie waist. I decided that the fabric might have been a bit on the bulky side, it’s a heavy viscose (which had dye that turned everything it touched black… hands… sewing machine… my soul… oops one too far) so it might have stood out a bit and been more poofy than drapey.

I made the longer waist tie. I like that it starts at 10 and 2 at the waist rather than the sides. I love how it tucks neatly into the darts too… though it was a bit fiddly.

The length is just perfect, it sits below the knee in the cent front and back rising to above the knee at the sides. I did cheat a bit and rather than the small folded hem I went with my favourite old friend bias binding.

I love the button front… but I’m totally making it with the keyhole type shape neckline too! Oh and did I mention…. IT HAS POCKETS!!! Yaaaaaaaaay!!


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