Meanwhile… on other social media

Time hop is an interesting tool. I’m talking of course about the Facebook time hop thing where they show you old photos you posted ‘this day n number of years ago’. I actually like to see what I was doing back then, realise how long I have known some friends, how wild my nights used to be (I’m getting sensible in my old age).

Today an interesting photo popped up…

Four years ago!!! This was one of my first makes when I restarted sewing. If you’re wondering it’s a Sorbetto top. And if you’re wondering, the fit was terrible as I didn’t know what I was doing back then!! Those armholes could have cut off circulation!!

It really does show how much I have developed what I can do in the last four years. This is what is finished at the weekend (a sneak preview as I’ve not photographed it to share in here yet)…

Time really does fly! I would go back to the Sorbetto top, it is a good pattern… but I would definitely make the armholes bigger. I think sometimes I forget how good the indie pattern companies are for teaching how to sew. The shirt is of course a Melilot from Deer & Doe… they are awesome teachers!!


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