Cosy socks

Because of course this is the weather to be talking about cosy socks!! But there you go, I’m trying to catch up on the things that I’ve made and not told you about, so this one may be a little unseasonal.

Anyway… on to the socks. The reason these are a little out of season is that it took me a long time to get them made. I tried another pattern first and after about 30 rows decided that it wasn’t working for me… so ripped them back. I eventually settled on the Studland socks by Clare Devine (on Ravelry) because of the slouchy but very simple structure.

They are really easy socks to knit up. I used a DK Wendy Pixile yarn in a lovely maroon red colour. It’s so soft and squishy, but it does split a little when knitting up. The pattern is really easily to follow, and the only change I made was to continue the twisted rib down the front of the foot, just to keep the socks nice and snug on the foot itself.

If I’m really honest the finished sock is a little stiffer than I was expecting, but I think that will ease up after a few washes, they are really cosy though. And I guess in the summer they make great slippers.

They are the first in the line of selfish socks that I’m making for myself after all of the gift sock knitting last year, and the first pair felt like they needed to be really luxurious… they have certainly hit that mark.

So yeah, apologies for talking about cosy knitting on a day in which it’s too hot to sit in direct sunshine! But this is England… give it a couple of days and I’ll be hunting out these socks to keep my toes warm again!!


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