Me Made May

Yes it’s that time of year again… and this year I’m rather late to the party! I make no excuses, work has been busy, but when is it not? So for the last couple of years I have taken part in Me Made May (or let’s just say mmmay because it’s easier to type) with the same goal, to wear the things I make in my day to day life, and to keep a check of what I have worn, what works and what doesn’t… and to also spot any gaps I may have in my handmade wardrobe.

Well this year, while I was thinking about the mmmay pledge, I took notice of what I was wearing at that time, and they were all bought clothes. That got me thinking about the ‘check which gaps I have in my handmade wardrobe’ part of my past pledges. Does it really matter if there are gaps in my wardrobe?! What is actually wrong with wearing bought clothes? Well I know there are people out there who take time to think about where the handmade clothes are soured and how fair the labour has been to make them. But does wanting a handmade wardrobe mean discarding perfectly good clothes, or ending up with repeats?

This year, possibly with a change of the level of pressure I have at work, I have automatically been taking a different approach to sewing. Don’t get me wrong I’m still there nearly every Saturday obsessively cutting, stitching and ironing! But I’m taking my time, not pressuring myself to get that item finished in one day! Making more elaborate clothes (hello shirtmaking). So could I use this mmmay to reflect on the clothes I don’t wear and why? Could I try to fit the lesser worn clothes into my wardrobe rotation? Or do I need to ‘use’ mmmay at all?

On that note… and three days late (ahem), here is my pledge…

I Kath of Making With Needles will share any handmades that I wear… but I will not put pressure on myself to wear more of them, or think too much about anything I am ‘missing’… but I might share an upcoming project or two.

Let’s face it.. I love wearing my makes, and wear them whenever I can anyway… this is just an excuse to show them off ‘in the wild’


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