If you can’t beat the weather you might as well dress for it!

I’m not amused about this recent make… not because I don’t like what I made… but because I felt the need to make it at this time of year. I understand that because I’m up in the North it’s not exactly going to be toasty in April… but the weather we’ve been having this year really beggars belief!!

So on a very chilly…. snowy (!!?!)… and wet bank holiday, I figured there was only one thing to do. 

In a recent edition of Simply Sewing magazine we got a cheeky little preview pattern from the new Tilly and the Buttons book ‘Stretch’ I mean let’s face it… I bought the magazine because it came with this pattern. I really do love me some cosy wear!!

I also had, in my stash (check me out, stashbusting and everything!) a lovely fleece backed jersey from my winter expedition to Fabricland. It’s a good weight and very cosy, but because of that fleecy back it has naff all stretch to it. I was a little worried about the fit as I wasn’t sure how much stretch was really necessary in the pattern. But I should have just trusted in Tilly…

I decided to just go for it and cut the size according to my 34″ bust. The pattern comes with lots of ease so it’s worth double checking the finished item size if you want something snugger. It also comes with a generous hourglass curve to the pattern which, while not needed over my chest, I really appreciated around the hips.

The pattern is intended to be a lined hood. You could probably make it without lining… but it adds a great detail and looks very professional.

I lined mine with a very lightweight jersey… with boat loads of stretch! So I did an extra line of stitching down the centre panel of the hood just to give it some stability. The lining is a lovely cream with black and grey flecks in it. Lovely and soft. I love the hood construction too… it’s very roomy and a great shape.

Yeah… hoods are awesome! You can add drawstrings to it too, but they tend to irritate me on RTW hoodies so I just left them off. But I know what you’re all wondering… what’s up with the bunny?!

I bought this a few months ago just to give it a try. It’s a lovely little heat transfer from Flamingo Fabrics. It comes with everything you need to apply and really easy instructions. I wouldn’t recommend it for anything with much stretch… but this jersey has none, so I thought I’d give it a try.

It’s a cute little fella isn’t it? 

Everything about this jumper screams cosy… drop sleeves are nice and relaxed. But I did decide to add a good 1.5″ to the sleeves… I can’t work out whether I have monkey arms or just prefer a longer sleeve.

The only complaint is actually the neckline. I actually sewed it a little extra wide at the front, but I still struggled to get it over my head. Certainly can’t put it on with my specs on! I might look into adjusting that in the future… maybe a zip on the front? Or just stretchier jersey? Yeah… probably that!

I also think it’s missing pockets. From what I’ve read about the book, it does come with instructions for a front kangaroo pocket… and matching bottoms…. worth buying the book too then? Well… I do love me some cosy wear.

Now if spring could kindly get a move on so I can consider sewing some summer dresses. That’d be great, thanks.


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