When you find a pattern you like…

My first Melilot was a massive success… I love it…. and I mean reaaaaaally love it. I’m just so impressed with the fact I made a shirt, so I obviously had to make the other version too!

The first one I made was the short sleeve one as it came out of the packet, so I decided to just do the long sleeved version as it came. This was much more nerve wracking… I’ve never made a sleeve placket before! 

The fabric I had in my stash had been collected specifically for a shirt. It’s a pretty heavy weight viscose with a surprisingly glossy texture… but more importantly, it has dandelion clocks all over it!

The fit of the body was never going to be an issue… I knew it fitted well from my other version. But here’s where fabric choice really counts. I actually tried the full French seams treatment on,y to find it massively uncomfortable around the armholes (which are dropped shoulder ones). They were just far too bulky and restricting. Cue the unpicking!! I ended up just seaming and overstitching the edges. Not as pretty but much more comfortable. And I learned an important lesson about French seams… delicate fabrics work best!

I did also find that the curve of the hem at each side seam wasn’t as elegant with the French seams too. I put that down to the bulk and just carried on with things though. They still look professional enough.

So I mentioned those sleeve plackets… well they came out great. Thank you Deer and Doe for excellent instructions. I won’t lie, they’re not amazing from the inside… but as a first attempt I’m really damn proud! Though with the black fabric you do need to look really close… hang on, I’ve got another photo I took just after finishing my first one…

Yes, I was that proud!

One complaint with this version though… and one that makes me think my arms may just be out of proportion with my torso…

Am I a monkey or something? (Bearing in mind evolution and such like here) As soon as I bend my arms the cuffs retreat into my armpits!! Ok I exaggerate… but I really hate it when this happens in RTW clothes… so I’m sure as hell fixing it in my next version.

I want to be able to do that and still have my wrists covered!!

Another goal for my next one is to be able to button it all the way up! While the collar went well, the collar stand was so chunky I couldn’t get a button hole through it… the button is there for decoration only. I’m not sure what’s going so wrong there.

Let’s call this one a wearable muslin… and I will probably see if I can perfect that top button at some point.


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