Blackwood…. with sparkles

My last Blackwood cardigan has proved to be somewhat successful. I don’t wear it a whole lot, but I’m not sure whether that’s because it’s sort of a coatdigan… which feels very bulky under my actual coat. Maybe in summer I’ll wear it more. I really like the pattern though and figured a few cosy ones would fit in well in my wardrobe.

As much as I like the look of the longer one, it’s waaaaay too long to wear under my coat! So this time I thought I’d make the shorter one, but it’s too short for me…. so I lengthened it by 2″. That sounds counterproductive, but it meant the cardigan landed somewhere in between the short and long.

The fabric is amazing, and I can’t capture it in a photo!! It’s a French terry jersey…. which sparkles!!!!! It’s got silver thread woven through it which makes it quite subtle but sooooo pretty!

The other adjustment I made was to widen that neckband to make it much more Wrap-around-able, I pretty nearly doubled it. 

It worked really well as it still sits snugly around the neck… you can almost see the sparkles in that photo too!!

I didn’t actually add the pockets on this one… but I’m missing not having them so I think I’ll be going back to add them again. I might have them overlap the bottom band.

I did size up the sleeves again as I didn’t really want them skintight. They’re absolutely spot on!

And I also loooooove the length of the sleeves with the cuffs on them! I’m thinking I need lots more of these in my wardrobe!!! But all of them need to have pockets, I love me some pockets!


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