Christmas bunting…

This year I’m really enjoying decorating our new house for Christmas. Because we are inviting his parents over for their Christmas dinner the focus has really been on the whole house rather than just the living room… which it’s always been when we were living in the flat. So of course me being me, I wanted to do a little bit of diy for the decorations this year. And I thought I’d share how that went…

So I gathered some supplies… these are ‘roughly’ fat quarters… I kid you not, it actually said that on the label… they were just odd sized pieces really. I actually had the bunting idea when I saw these ‘roughly’ fat quarters while shopping in Dainty Supplies with my mother. I just fell in love with the Scandi patterns.

So I then made myself a template and cut me some triangles… rather wonky ones but that won’t matter when they’re all stitched up. I also cut out some white cotton (that I had lying around) to use as a backing… so that I could have even more pretty bunting.

I’d like to stress at this point that I don’t sew in a darkened room… like I’m plotting something (world domination perhaps), but my machine light is so bright my camera can’t cope with it… so yeah, I spent like a year sewing triangles! This really felt like it took forever. It was at this stage that I had to ‘straighten’ my triangles… wow I’m going to town with the air quotes today aren’t I!

So once I had sewn up aaaaaaaallll the triangles… flipped them right side out and ironed them… another process that took ages. I pinned them to a folded 3 metre strip of lovely festive red bias binding… because it’s easy and neat!

And then I went back to plotting world domination in a darkened room… oops sorry I mean I sewed the pieces to the binding… one more press and hey presto (ha ha… see what I did there? Press-presto… no? Ok I’ll shut up)

Pretty pretty!! But out of focus… hang on…

That’s better… cute little snowflakes… and deer… and trees!! I hung it using simple blue tac… lots of it. I’ve put it around the dining room ready for a Christmas dinner, next to our Christmas tree.

I love it when a plan comes together… so thanks for sticking around through the lengthy post on how to make festive bias binding! 


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