How many socks are too many?

That title makes it sound like I’ve got millions! And honestly, by other knitters standards I only have a couple which haven’t been gifted to anyone yet (they do make awesome gifts). I only asked the question because a non-knitting friend called into question my sanity not too long ago.

Let me set the scene… it’s a lovely sunny afternoon, I’ve just wolfed down a pot of last nights leftovers at the lunch table at work, I finish eating and of course pull out that oh so portable knitting project to work a few rows before my painfully short lunch break is over. My work colleague/friend says “what are you working on now”… I reply “a new pair of socks” (they had witnessed me just finishing off a sock yesterday)… she responds with “MORE SOCKS?! How many do you need?!!”

Have other knitters experienced this response? Have I gone sock knitting crazy and just obsessively love to make them? Is there such a thing as too many socks?

I’ve thought about this quite a bit. I’ve reasoned with myself that I don’t own too many myself… That they’re just a great portable project which is always helpful to have in your bag… But really, what it comes down to is I don’t think you can own too many socks. The joy of pulling on a thick woolly pair on a winters day, changing out of high heels for work into squishy socks for in front of the tv, and just knowing you have a pair in every colour and every pattern I think is just great. And knowing that the recipients of gift socks (those knitworthy people) may be feeling the same way!

And no, you can’t get the same joy from a pair from Primark or Marks and Sparks! But that may be the sock snob in me rearing its prejudiced head.

So please excuse me while I go and cast on yet another pair of socks!


One thought on “How many socks are too many?

  1. Too many socks is not a real thing! I love to knit socks too. I have over 2 dozen pairs, plus my husband and eldest son will accept any socks I’m willing to knit them. Now I have friends asking for them 🙂


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