Wow… that was quite a break, I really didn’t intend for it to be quite so long! In my last mini little post I mentioned that we had packed up the house and moved, and, well, that’s taken up pretty much all of my time over the last few weeks. 

It was a pretty big move, we have gone from living in a small two bedroom flat in the city (surrounded by much younger, louder neighbours), and gone to a lovely big town house in the country. And yes I see the irony of it being a town house in the country.

We even have the Derwent Walk right on our doorstep!! Which is a great cycle path/walk route. We even found a nice little pub a few miles away from our section of the walk, a perfect place to stop off for some refreshment before heading back home.

I’ve gone from having a view of other flats and back yards, and not much else… to having this as my living room view!!

It’s just beautiful. Our living room is up on the first floor. This was not so much fun when we all worked hard to get our sofa up the stairs, around the bend, only to then discover it was too wide for the living room door!! So that kicked off new sofa shopping.

Thank you Sofology! (I’m not advertising, I just love my new sofa).

There’s been a lot of hard work and organising involved which was even harder because I began a new job the same week! Yikes!!

And I did mention that I now have my very own sewing room! Well it is finally all finished and unpacked and I promise I will show you it soon.

But I have really enjoyed finding new homes for all of our bits and pieces, and just enjoying the peace and quiet.

What really made this house move special though, was that we have moved back to the region where my Mum, grandparents, great grandparents… and I’m not sure beyond that, but they all lived and grew up here. Just around the corner in a small village near the Consett Iron Works (long since closed down). I spent a hell of a lot of time in that village while I was growing up… so it kind of feels like coming home, without it really having been my home. Does that make sense…

So that’s really why I’ve been missing in action. I have still found time to make things, and have sewing and knitting to share with you… and what makes that fun is that I have soooo many places in the house to photograph things!! Happy times!!


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