The most complicated simple socks in the world!

I found a yarn online that I’d not heard of before, so I decided to get it in two colour ways thinking I could make myself a pair, and a pair for my lovely other half. I even let him chose which colour he wanted for his…

The yarn is by knitglobal in an autumn brown shade and a berry red shade. He chose the autumn colours (I can’t remember what the  colourways were actually called). I decided to just make up a nice textured pattern rather than following a prescribed sock pattern and went with a kind of basket weave…

I really enjoyed seeing the colours pooling together in the way they did, it reminded me of camouflage. I made a slip stitch heel and the rest of the sock is quite bog standard. The yarn itself is a good firm sock yarn, I really enjoyed knitting with it and would probably return for more if I can find more colour ways.

And I know what you’re thinking. What the blazes made this a complicated sock?! Well, because I didn’t know whether I’d have enough yarn for the whole pair of man sized socks I decided to be conservative and make the ankle slightly shorter. Then I found myself with quite a bit left so thought to myself… could I unpick the cuff and knit in the other direction. And here I discovered that it’s quite difficult to unpick a cast on (which is why the provisional cast on exists). After much swearing I managed to continue up the leg and used the super stretchy cast off for the ankle… which turned out to be no-where near stretchy enough for him to get the sock past his ankle.

At this point I had a tantrum and put them back in their little project baggy for a few days. Coming back to them I had an ingenious idea! I cast on a cuff, knit it until it was cuff length… and here’s where it gets clever! I Kitchener stitched it to the rest of the sock!!! So yeah. Far more complicated than it really needed to be. But the socks are finally finished!! And he seems happy with them.

But they are too big for my sock blockers.


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