Me Made May?

The blogosphere is buzzing at the moment with people making their pledges for me made May. Which of course is the opportunity to make a concerted effort to wear more of our handmade clothes each day in March.

Last year I joined in. It was the first year I felt that I had enough handmade clothes to wear each day for a month. I learned quite a bit in that month, namely how each of my makes fitted into my wardrobe, and what I actually wanted to wear… sometimes I was wearing something just to have it worn. After that I re-thought my makes and started planning things that I would want to wear, and that might have been something I might have bought to wear.

So this year… I have more things that I like to wear on a regular basis, so that begs the question… do I join in with Me Made May? I know I wear my own makes as often as possible anyway, so what could I learn from it this year?

So this year, I will have a Me Made May. But rather than trying to wear more me-makes more often, I’ll record the days I would have naturally worn a me-made which might show me some gaps in my handmade wardrobe, and some raving successes that I could look to repeat.

 So here’s my pledge…

I Kat, of Making With Needles, will document how many Me-made clothes I wear throughout May to give me an awesome insight into any gaps in my wardrobe which I can work on filling over the rest of the year.


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