Planning and Pinterest

So yeah… things are going very slowly here at Chez Needles. The slow stitching has come to a bit of a stop this week as there’s been work going on in the room in which my machine resides. It’s all been a bit topsy turvy but I’m hoping business will resume very shortly. In the meantime what better thing is there to do than plan… except I’ve decided this year not to plan!

Whaaaaaaat?! I hear you cry… yup, no planning for me… well…. at least not in the way I used to. 

Unless you’ve been living under a rock of late (though if you get wifi under your rock that probably doesn’t exclude you) you will have heard of the ‘Make Nine’ pledge that people have been joining in with. It’s fairly self explanatory, pick nine things you want to make… get them made in 2017! Boom, what could be simpler?

Well I’ve been kind of doing this sort of thing for a while, and my success rates leave a lot to be desired. Let’s revisit my last planning post…

Screen shot of my old blog (over on bloglovin… you can follow the links in my makes pages if you’re curious), my plans for Summer 2016 involved a lot of crepe and some lovely simple tops for work…

I had even gone through my patterns and matched some fabrics to some of these. So of these five plans how many do you think I actually made? Yep… one! I was busy, oh don’t get me wrong… just not making any of this stuff! And I have done this every season change (well.. from warm to cold and so on), planned five or six makes, and maybe completed two!

So this year I’ve decided to change my tactics. I want to be able to make what I feel like when I feel like making it, to just dig into my stash and go for it. So my ‘planning’ has now morphed into ‘browsing’ and here’s where Pinterest comes in. I’ve created a couple of boards on which I just pin outfits I would rather like, then by looking back at the board I can see what is tickling my fancy at the moment…

So apparently I want a nice boxy white top and a snugly cardigan too. This is also a great way of seeing different ways of styling the clothes you make too by the way… cropped boxy tee and high waisted skirt… love!

I can just sit doing this for hours. I’m not sure whether it’s conscious that I look at things I think I could try to make… though I’ve never gotten around to those ankle grazers (oops) but on here there is no time limit… and as my tastes grow and change… so does my board.

But I can keep other things on here too, I’ve got another board with crafty little ideas in case I need a dose of inspiration…

I neeeeeeed a jumper with a appliqué bunny face!!

Ok though… its disclaimer time… while the Pinterest planning is giving me a wonderful liberating sense of creative freedom (wow that was a mouthful), I still make mini lists with what I want yo make… say… over the weekend

Yeah… never getting out of that habit. I’m a planner, in whatever form that may take, how about you?

Worth noting… this isn’t a review of Pinterest, they’re not interested in my waffling on… I just love it!


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