A box with sleeves

In my winter sewing plans there was a boxy jumper, which I tried and decided to change (which I wittered on about in the ‘selfish knitting’ post so I won’t re-hash all of that). So would you like to know what happened with my ‘make it up as you go along’ box with sleeves?

It worked!! Well… sort of. It’s not quite the image I had in my mind of a loose oversized cosy jumper.. it is in fact a well fitting and somewhat loose jumper. But it doesn’t make me look like a potato so I love it!

So before I get into the jumper, a quick reminder of the wool. And yes I can say wool rather than yarn because this is the one and only cascade 220 heathers.

Long story short… I’m in love! Ok I may not have bought the superwash… which I know I’m going to live to regret when I’m handwashing this in the bath for the thousandth time!! But it is smooth to work with, it is non-splitty, and it feels suspiciously non itchy on bare arms! Oh yes… I will have more of this in my stash thank you very much!

Anyway.. back to the jumper.

As I said it didn’t turn out quite as baggy as I was hoping, but I made it through the whole thing without running out of wool so I’m going to consider that a complete win.

Construction was simply check gauge… knit straight up… divide for front and back… do a bit of wrap and turn short rows to give the shoulders a bit of slope… and create a scoop neck for the front.

The sleeves were made by me measuring my upper arm, adding two inches, and halving that to give the length of the armhole for each side. I didn’t even cast off any under the arm to give it a bit of a curve… I kinda wish that I had, I think it would prevent that little underarm bulge that’s going on.

The neckline was just me casting off around 8 sts in the middle of the front, then another two each side of the neck hole until it was wide enough. This really was just going with whatever I felt like at the time.

All of the edgings are in twisted rib. And I’d like to say something about that! Because I’ve read so often how people find the twisted rib faffy, but I didn’t notice any difference… it just comes out smarter at the end. So that went on the hem, cuffs, and on the neckband, casting off with the super stretchy bind off.

I think I’d like to spend time this year practicing different cast on and offs, I think the edges look loose and I would really like to find something neater… but this is still good.

The wool has beautiful variations in the beige colour… those aren’t dirty marks on the front, they’re grey patches. I adore these! I really feel like I chose the right colourway for this project.

And upon my word this jumper is warm! It’s just perfect to curl up in… with more knitting obviously… so this definitely qualifies as Cosy Wear part 3 in my winter wardrobe of me mades.

Right, that’s enough for today…. Onwards to more knitting!!!


One thought on “A box with sleeves

  1. This looks great. I have been thinking about doing just this, maybe even just starting with a vest, but have been scared. I have to just start now and see where it goes……


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