Cosy wear chapter two

I’ve had a huge craving for snugly cosy warm and comfy clothes since the weather turned in November… not sure why, something to do with my age I suspect, I like to feel cosy. But I also want these cosy items to be cute and quirky… probably something to do with my age, i still feel too young for ‘sensible’ looking clothes. So following on the success of my stripy Coco top, I thought a Coco dress would be a brilliant idea.

And newsflash!! It’s not grey!! (I also think I’m over the making everything in grey phase). I used a lovely navy blue ponte jersey, its very pretty but a bitch to photograph. I’ve had to heavily edit the photos so you can see anything, which has left them rather grainy. But we will make do.

I’m not altogether convinced by this dress, I think there are a lot of things that could be improved. But it is still a perfectly wearable practice run. So I’m going to be super critical of it, but only because I’m a bit of a perfectionist. Firstly, I think this is waaay too big over the shoulders/bust/arms. I cut this to fit a 34″ bust and scaled it up a size from the waist down. I’m happy with the waist down fit, but I think I need to go down one more on the top and maybe start to scale it out just under the bust.

A massive fitting issue was down to my quite pronounced sway back, because I just sewed it as per the pattern and adjusted it afterwards I ended up taking out what I keep describing as significant chicken fillets from the lower back.

Yeah you can’t even see the seam in the photo, but the back of the dress has a good curve to it now. Though it does make it look awkward on a coat hanger. I’m not sure I could transfer it to the pattern without just copying the chicken fillets, but that will be enough.

I also put some curved patch pockets on the front, and while I love having the pockets there, I just don’t like the shape at all, they don’t suit the dress like I thought they would. I think next time I’ll go with the recommended square ones… but maybe make them bigger than the pattern versions.

I also feel a little disappointed with myself on the finish of the dress. I used a zig zag stitch for the neck, cuffs, and hem… and it’s wonky. But because this is my practice run I decided not to be as neat and meticulous as I could be, and I’m not impressed with myself for this.

So in conclusion, I like the style of the dress, but it’s really not tailored to my shape. I feel like I’ve significantly adjusted it already and it’s going to need even more… but I want to make another, better version.

Maybe one with 3/4 sleeves next time.

Pattern: Coco by Tilly Walness

Fabric: Fairly cheap ponte Roma jersey from an eBay seller (who I can’t remember as it’s sat in my stash for some time)

Notions: Nowt

Adjustments: Tons


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