A Year in Review

Can you remember a couple of weeks ago when I said I wasn’t going to do my review of the year… I may have lied. Not intentionally you understand, but because I had my mind changed when I read another blog post yesterday by Saturday Night Stitch. Hila broke down her makes in 2016 numerically.. I kinda like that, it’s not something I’ve done before… I wondered how it would affect my view of the last year if I did the same…

So prepare yourself! This is going to get numbery!! Which is weird as I loathed maths at school and still don’t even know my seven times table, thank god for calculators in your pockets at all times… in your face Mrs Hyde! You said we wouldn’t have that luxury!! 

Sorry I went off on a tangent there…

So over the last year I have made a whopping 56 projects!! Not including the 4 knitting WIPs… of these 37 were sewn, and 19 knitted (I really have upped my knitting game!)

Let’s break those down…

21 of my finished sewing projects were tops… I think it’s safe to say I love sewing myself a nice new top… the last three are ones I haven’t even blogged yet!!

I managed to churn out a mere four skirts… I still think that kangaroo pocket skirt is awesome!

Nine whole dresses were made… top left and bottom right haven’t made it on here yet… hence the terrible picture top left! (That was just a shot at the work Christmas party), not shown here are the dress I made for my sister and a black Monetta which I can’t find a photo of… I’ve got one somewhere though!

No trousers were made, I had hoped to try some but it just never happened.

And my three miscellaneous items were my pyjama bottoms, a Morris blazer and a kimono wrap jacket.

Let’s move on to the knitting…

A whopping four cardigans were completed… though only three survive after the fatal felting of my red Bailey cardigan (snif).

Only three scarves! I’m surprised at this as I really enjoy knitting (and wearing) a good shawl scarf.

Two pairs of socks were completed (another is still in WIP mode), and two pairs of mittens.. one for my mum and one for me.

And finally seven hats were made… you don’t get to see bottom right because she hasn’t got it yet… spoiler alert though… it’s got a Pom Pom!

Phew! That’s a lot of stuff when it’s all set out in photo form like that! Once I had these numbers though I started to think about how useful these makes have been, I mean, they can all be used… but have they been…?

Regularly worn items? 19 sewn items and 7 knitted items 

Gifted items? 2 sewn (dress for sister and the second bridesmaids dress) 9 knitted!!

Chucked out? 1 sewn (that slinky red Fraser jumper.. ick) 1 knitted (the felted death)

Lurking in my wardrobe waiting to me fixed/chucked out? 2 sewn 1 knitted (I want an extra bit of length on the heaven and space shawl… I just never get round to it)

So that leaves 14 items that are not in regular circulation, whether I just didn’t like the fit or they were made for a special occasion. I guess it’s good that the majority of stuff does get use (currently sitting in my navy stars Scout tee and my grey Bailey cardigan), and would I be pushing it trying to lower that number.

I don’t want to set myself goals next year as I don’t want to take the fun, spontaneity and experimentation out of my sewn/knitted items… I think what I shall take from this is that I’m becoming better at knowing what I want, and I’m definitely knitting faster!

Happy new year folks!!


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