Selfish Knitting

Following all of my gift knitting (which I still can’t show off because not everyone has received theirs) I think I deserve some entirely selfish knitting time, so I’m kind of jumping on the Andi Satterlund ‘Selfish Sweater Knit-a-long’  which she hosts each year just after Christmas. I love this idea, after getting hand cramps getting stuff made for everyone else so now it’s my turn!

I started my jumper (not an American so going to stick with my English name) on my way back from visiting my parents a whole two days before Christmas actually hit! Using a new to me Cascade 220 (not the superwash, I’m going to regret that) in a lovely subtle fawn colour…

This stuff knits up amazingly! I can’t believe I’ve never used it before!

Airport knitting! So squishy and satisfying.

So I forged ahead using the Sophistical pattern by Cheryl Niamath. This failed miserably. It was my fault, I would like to stress, I decided to go with a smaller needle as recommended for the wool but go up a couple of sizes to compensate. This resulted in a very stiff jumper which made me look like a potato… and no I did not get a photo of this!!

So after some considerable ripping back I have decided that rather than try this pattern again, I’m going to follow my own franken-pattern. The Sophistical pattern (which is free by the way) is effectively a square with sleeves, but the square just isn’t quite dramatic enough for me. But the other big popular pattern, Boxy jumper (by Joji Locatelli) is a bit too much on the dramatic side.

Sophistical on the left, Boxy on the right (both photos from the Ravelry page). 

So I’ve done a swatch with larger needles (looser stitches, less stiff), measured myself, added four and a half inches for positive ease (my chest is 34.5″ so I figured just round up the extra five too), and calculated how many stitches I’d need.

It feels a bit exciting to be just making it up, and I’ll be honest, I’m going to worry about the neckline when I get to it.

This thing’s gonna be big, hopefully big enough for how I imagine I want it to be! I just hope it’s not still stiff when I get to try it on again. 


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