Gift Knitting

Hoo boy have I done some gift knitting this year!! This particular project came about when my mum casually dropped into conversation (with the same subtlety as a brick to the face) that she would really like one of my knitted cardigans. This was back in October, and knowing that her birthday was coming up at the beginning of December I panicked about what the hell I could get finished in just under two months.

So after some browsing on Ravelry for something mum might like, but also trying to limit myself to Aran or bulkier so it would knit up quickly, I came across the Lady Marple pattern by Nadia Cretin Lechenne. It’s designed for Aran weight and has just a little bit of lacework on the front… perfect!

I used a lovely rich blue yarn (Schachenmayr northern worsted), it’s a superwash so it would be easy to care for. I sneakily found mums chest measurements and based the letters on that, dutifully knitted up a swatch which came out spot on, and set to making it.

I really like the lacework on the front. The pattern example shows them as blocked flat, but I kinda like that the lurks between those plaits give it a sort of ribbed effect. It knit up pretty easily, but I found that it’s very thick and heavy. Unfortunately as I was halfway through it, and because it wasn’t for me, I couldn’t rip back and recalculate with a looser stitch. I was trying to make it a surprise so I couldn’t really check out the fit as I went… so I persevered.

I’m guessing that the Cardigan was meant to be this thick, my swatch was right and the finished Cardigan is right… but even mum said it is very thick and warm. This has loosened after a wash, I’m hoping it improves after another wash too. I didn’t actually have time to soak it as it needed to be posted to mum a few days before her birthday to make sure she had something to open on the day.

One difference I made was to omit the waist shaping, I wanted it to be quite loose fitting as I don’t like the pulling on the button band which tends to happen with negative ease. The shaping looks good on mum… and the button band is ok I guess.

There’s maybe still a little bit of pulling. The buttons are from Fenwicks in Newcastle… and the two close together at the top was my attempt to prevent boob gapage… which did work… yesssss.

The major issue with it can be spotted on the above photo… the right shoulder hangs low. This is because I somehow managed to knit the right arm short… by about an inch!! So I’ve promised that on my next visit I will bring the spare yarn and add more to the right sleeve.

But mum is very happy with her new cardigan… maybe next time I will forgo the surprise element and make it more bespoke!

Also… big delay in photo taking of it as I only got down for my visit last seen, she did have it right at the beginning on this month.


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