Happy Christmas to me!

I’m not sure whether you noticed… but Christmas is upon us. Well it has been upon us for a little while, but it has only just descended upon our house.. the tree is up! The house feels all cosy and nice (which is just making me resent having to leave it for any reason), and I have made a good start on my Christmas shopping. The Christmas knitting is a good way towards finished, but I obviously can’t show you any of that yet.

Of course, among buying presents for my nearest and dearest, I may have managed to sneak a couple of Christmas presents just for me… from me… ok I bought myself stuff, don’t judge!

I spied a lovely bracelet on Pinterest aaaaaages ago and decided I must have it… it is just what every sewing fanatic needs!!

This is a 100% accurate leather wrist ruler. It’s just so quirky, I absolutely love it. Sadly I’m not going to share where I got this from, I don’t believe in trashing a place on a public forum, but I won’t promote one I don’t think deserves it. I sadly experienced terrible customer service from this establishment which I got very angry about… but that all just went away when I saw how beautiful this is… I’ve not taken it off since!!

I also bought myself a new book… not the literature kind of book, just a book of pictures.. of people knitting… not sure you would have caught that from the title. I love this, it’s fascinating seeing pictures from years ago where people chose to pose with their knitting, and other more recent candid shots of people concentrating on what they’re doing, getting absorbed in their work… we all know that feeling right? I particularly love this picture…

Edwardian girls throwing the same poses I did with my friends at school! But it was just normal for a couple of them to have knitting in their hands. It kind of reminds me of this shot my sister took in the airport…

Just sitting here, waiting for a flight, enjoying a drink… oh this? It’s just my knitting.

In other news, something which I think is amazing and that you all need to try!! SERIOUSLY!!

Get yourself some instant custard… make it up nice and thick…. pop some Cadburys buttons in there… leave to melt a bit… stir lightly…. enjoy!!

You’re welcome!

Ok ok, I promise next time I will share some makes… I’ve got a couple waiting for photos and they’ll be here. See you soon.


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