Because I’ve got a lot of gift knitting on the go at the moment, with a very obvious gifting date, I can’t share my usual work in progress… because I know full well some of the giftees read this.

So I thought I would share some of my thinking process, or at least some plotting I have been doing for some possible upcoming sewing projects. I tend to do this by stealing pictures… yes I admit it… I stole a few of these pictures. But don’t worry, I will tell you where I stole them from. I’m a Pinterest addict, but sometimes inspiration strikes in other places. I save said pictures and when I’m not sure what to make next I browse said pictures… like window shopping.

As I normally live in my jeans (and I’m not quite up to sewing jeans) much of my recent picture savings are all tops. And the ones I want to share today are of both the cosy variety and of the fancy variety.

First up, let’s go cosy… I got this picture by taking a photo of my computer screen while browsing Debenhams

Terrible quality with those weird lines that always appear when you try to photograph a computer monitor… try it… they’re always there.

So this top I think (if memory serves) is by Mantaray. I like it because of the cosy neckline and those scoop pockets, and I wonder if I can steal those aspects and make my own. And it seems that the kind of loose turtle neckline is my kind of thing right now… because I also spied…

Again… photo of my computer on the Debenhams website.

Is it just me… or is that a Scout tee with a Toaster Neckline… I feel some plotting coming along. I started thinking about a jersey scout, with a Toaster neckline, and some scoop pockets! I can totally do that.

I have already sourced some lovely tweedy twill fabric with which to make it…

So stay tuned! This plot may actually happen!

This picture thievery I feel a bit guilty about… I stole this from another blog I read just tonight, on ‘Sew DIY’ where lots of potential sewing themed gifts are suggested.

And let’s face it… I would love someone to buy me this sweat shirt… but the reason I stole this picture was a gift I was bought last Christmas which was a carve your own stamp kit… which I’ve never used because I don’t want to spoil it. Don’t scoff… I know there are people who think the same way (scared to cut into that beautiful length of fabric in case you spoil it?). But this jumper got me thinking… a cream Fraser sweatshirt by Sewaholic.. plus some home made scissor stamps and a bit of black fabric ink… I could have my very own. But this one hasn’t gotten past the plotting phase.

And finally… this one is actually a sewing pattern…

The trouble is… as you can see, it’s another photo from a computer screen (I think it was Kollaborra)… but I didn’t write down which pattern it is. So please let me know because I want it!

So that’s it… welcome to my favourite method of planning sewing projects.

Step 1- see something you like and take a photo of it

Step 2- match it to a sewing pattern and plan how you can adjust it

Step 3- decide it’s too much hard work and just make the pattern as is

Just kidding, step 3 doesn’t always happen… but sometimes it does.


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