When all else fails… just make it up

You know that moment when you see another blogger wearing the exact garment you know you absolutely must have? We’ve all been there, and the beauty of this particular blogosphere is that all you need is a pattern name to march right out there for supplies to make your own.

I had that moment not too long ago… it was a skirt, it was the perfect skirt, I wanted one so badly. I found the name of the pattern (Vogue 1247).

It was those kangaroo pockets that did it. I just adore them!!

So I hunted for a copy of this pattern (not really interested in the blouse but I probably would have made one), and could I find it? Well yes actually, but on Amazon for £20… I shit you not. It seems to be out of print now, meaning of course the price has been hiked up. After spending a moment feeling very sorry for myself that this skirt was never going to be mine I started thinking… I bet I could tweak another pattern to add the pockets… I mean how hard could it be?

So I dug around in my pattern box and decided to have a crack at it using New Look 6035…

This a-line skirt seemed promising… I traced the front, then cut it in half, added identical pockets to the top and bottom and stitched it together the same way in-seam pockets would be and ta-da!!!

I used a great navy waffle crepe type stuff… which means it’s really hard to photo. But the weight and texture of the fabric are a perfect match for this pattern. I know what you’re thinking… Where are the damned pockets?!

Boom! Pockets!! The pattern tweaking worked out very nearly perfectly… except I think the pockets are too low. I’m going to tweak the pattern again next time to make them higher. But that’s just nit picking.

I also made the skirt a bit longer, it was a bit too mini for my liking. The pattern wasn’t a great fit for me, I have a very sudden hip to waist slope (if that’s even a good way to describe big hips) so I just put it on inside out and pinned the waist in to hug my own hip like before adding a generic waistband.

I of course lined the skirt as it’s getting into tights wearing weather, I used a very silky but cheapish lining I found on eBay… then found I liked it so much I bought several more meters of it. I usually like to add a patterned lining to make things interesting, but maybe sometimes a classic colour match is also good.

I absolutely love this skirt, it’s one of those perfect pattern/fabric matches… and I’m even more proud because I managed to draft my own copycat pattern… and it worked!!!


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