Sewing for others…

I seem to have done quite a bit of this recently. There is a wonderful set of descriptions floating around in the sewing  blogosphere to describe the two acts of crafting… selfish sewing/knitting or selfless sewing/knitting. I find these very emotive, possibly because I was brought up a catholic and still experience echoes of the good old catholic guilt, should I be sharing my crafting with other people more often?

I split my activities very distinctively into knitting and sewing (whether clothes, Accesories or other miscellaneous stuff), and I’ve mentioned before that I am very happy to knit for others, but I drag my heels when it comes to sewing for others. I’d also like to say that I adore another word I’ve come across as we near the gifting season… knitworthy. Someone who you deem worthy of spending your time to knit gifts for.

I’ve thought a lot about the heel dragging when it comes to sewing, especially after the bridesmaid dress making over the summer. Why do I dislike sewing for other people? Well I think I’ve cracked it! And I think it can all be boiled down to how easy it is to get something right! 

See, when I’m making clothes for myself I try them on pretty constantly as I go, tweaking here, taking in there, taking it out again because I took it in too much… you get the idea. But with another person I can’t do this, and it frustrates me that the fit might not be just right. This can be perfectly illustrated with the project I have to show today… and in case you didn’t notice the blonde.. this isn’t me in the photos…

Meet my sister! 

This is a dress that was commissioned by my Mum to make for Chris’ birthday (which was just after mine in April… ahem). Chris likes the skater dress pattern but all of the shop bought ones have very short skirts. And as I’ve made a couple of these for myself I agreed to make her one with a better skirt length.

Trouble was getting it to fit. I made it in a UK 14 scaling out to a 16 at the hips so that it had a better shape in the skirt. But then when I took it over for her to try… the waistband was practically at her knees… ok that’s an exaggeration, but it definitely hung too low, and the whole thing was a bit too big… so it came back wth me with the dubious measurement of ‘take it up three fingers at the waist’. Yeah I’d forgotten my tape measure and pins.

Now the waist is at a good height, the sides came in a bit, and we have decided it’s ok as it is… but the shoulders are a bit too big, and there’s a bit of extra fabric at the back.

These are definitely things I would have tweaked as I went, but it would have involved about a million trips to Chris’ house… not that she would have minded, the sociable creature that she is. She likes it though, and wore it out to a meal with me and the fella at the weekend (I’m taking that as approval). But I did think throughout this project ‘See! This is why I don’t make clothes for other people!’

On a side note… this is a gorgeous textured jersey from Dainty Supplies in Washington… I’m very upset that Mum bought the right amount and there was none left for me to use… and of course because she’s one of us… a dressy scarf went on over the top… I though it looked very pretty.

Not to worry though people… those who are knitworthy will still have things knit for them.


2 thoughts on “Sewing for others…

  1. Totally know what you mean – I am making a shirt for my husband – it has taken me about a year and a half to cut out. And now I’ve done half the centre front arrangement and it’s in a carrier bag.


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