There is a definite nip in the air now, it’s taken its time but it’s definitely here to stay. Last week I was on my way out to work at the crack of dawn and caught myself wishing I had my mittens on, then remembered my mittens from two years ago are in a pretty sorry state… must make mittens!

There are really few things that get me in the wintry spirit more than mittens! I have constantly cold fingers and love wrapping them in smushy wool. And to top it all off, because I’ve got about a bazillion projects on the go I needed a quick fix. So over the weekend… this happened…


I’m both absolutely smitten with my mittens (see what I did there) and just a little bit disappointed with them… but only a teeny bit. Let me explain.

 I went with a very different kind of yarn for these, mostly because I was intrigued by it on the ball, but also because I was told by my other half to use it (he wants some mittens now too). I bought two very pretty balls at my newly discovered wool shop (Wool Works in North Shields)…

I’ve never used a wool with a marled effect before though so I went with that rather than the pretty turquoise. The part of these mittens I feel a bit disappointed with is that I think I used the wrong pattern with the yarn. I went with the pattern unusually titled ‘Fingerless Gloves “Leaves”‘ (I picture finger air quotes around the “Leaves”) by Valentina Georgieva (Ravelry)… which are meant to look like these…

Picture from the pattern.

I made some adjustments, I shortened the ribbing and added an extra pattern repeat at the cuff before starting the thumb gusset, but my lovely “Leaves” (he he) pattern kinda came out…

It’s there… if you look closely. I might be making these again with the turquoise Sirdar Snuggly. What really struck me about these mittens… with their built in thumb gusset… is how far I’ve developed from my very first mittens (and my very first knitted thing).

On the left we have a rectangle sewn together with thread (I didn’t even know about sewing together with the wool for crying out loud). My friend taught me how to knit in a pub one night (I know, rock and roll) and these kind of came out of that. I wore them to death, and I can’t ever see myself getting rid of them, but wow there’s some evolution in those photos.

And I may have just st brushed past the yarn I used, it’s an amazingly soft Stylecraft ‘Life dk’ in the colourway ‘Granite Marl’… and I’m in love! It really comes into its own in regular stockinette…

I mean just look at that marl! It’s marl-velous. 

Sorry, I’ll stop

But my god I got some satisfaction finishing these off. I think with big projects on the go it’s just good for the would to have smaller quick fix projects. Now… back to some Christmas knitting.


4 thoughts on “Mittens

  1. Came across your blog via Ravelry. I am looking to make some fingerless gloves this year. I live in a very warm climate, so the winters are somewhat mild. I would like to make them out of Lang Omega. How do you think a cotton blend will do for mittens? I need them to be warm, but not overly warm, and I really dont love the way wool feels.


    1. Hi Kara.
      Cotton will be a great mitten fabric, the only thing to bear in mind is that cotton doesn’t have as much stretch as wool, I would go for a pattern with some ribbing or springiness to it, but yeah definitely go for it! 😁


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