Joining the Scouts

Hi, welcome, if you’ve come over here from my last site thank you for making the journey. I’m hoping I can resume normal service from now.

Today I want to spend some time getting all enthusiastic over what is a very simple pattern… I know, I know… I’m enthusiastic about all of the patterns I use… but this one is different. This one has been so hyped up by other bloggers and instagramists (is that a word? Instagrammers? Instagramaticals?) that I went into it expecting to be very disappointed.

So, I hear you all cry, why the blazes did you buy the pattern if you were building it up to fail? Well, I have been trying to recreate this shape using my already bought patterns without much success. And I’m lazy, so I caved… I joined the Scout t-shirt enthusiasts club.


I wear a lot of skinny jeans… I pretty much live in skinny jeans. And (for me) this requires a lot of floaty oversized tops. I have tried many shapes, but the basic-ness of the Scout tee seems to hit all of the right marks.

What put me off for so long was how simple the thing looked…

I mean it’s just a front, back and sleeves right? How difficult can that be to replicate. Thing is, the scout takes into account all of the positive ease you need to get that float just right while still having a neckline that doesn’t show everything till Sunday when you bend over. And while I could have perhaps drafted my own… I’m lazy. So I hopped onto the Grainline Studio website and got me a PDF version.

I also went with faith and cut the 34″ bust size… even with its seemingly absurd 4″ of positive ease. And the only fitting gripe I have? The shoulders need to be taken in about 1.5cm on each side. Oh the trauma.


Version 1… my wearable muslin… is made from a deep navy viscose with teeny stars all over it. The drape is perfect, and for a viscose there is minimal stomach creasing when I sit down… Win! I love the subtle high-low hem on this t-shirt, and even though I thought it would be too baggy the size is pretty good.


Bagginess demonstrated perfectly here where all the excess fabric has been pushed to the sides.

So after success with #1 I went straight for my slightly fancier viscose for #2!


This is a slightly weightier indigo tile viscose… I sourced both of these on eBay so I’m always extra excited when they turn out to be good quality fabrics too.

I didn’t adjust the shoulders as I wanted to see how well the pattern held in both fabrics. But yeah that’s on the list for next time (oh yes, there will be a next time!)


Again the drape and general swish of the viscose is perfect for this pattern, I’m not sure I would use anything else for it… but then again I am a big viscose fan!



So before I go… here are my project details…

Pattern: Scout T Shirt by Grainline Studio

Fabric: various eBay viscose

Yardage: 1m (120 wide)

Adjustments: none yet but will take in shoulders a smidge

So yeah, I have been pleasantly surprised with this basic pattern. I have definitely joined the Scout club.



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